Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hop growing update

my hops continue to grow like...well, hops. I promised you some pictures, and here they are.
Snapped a couple today, while I was out for a run. Primary purpose was actually to take some pictures of the intersetion where a woman who was in a right hand lane turn only didn't right hand turn. She straight-no-hand turned right in to the middle of my car. Got a call from the insurance company the other day, expecting them to say that they are closing the case...nope, I was told she/her insurance is claiming equivalent fault, and wants my insurance company to cover the THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS of damage to her car.

really? 13grand for a fender bender? that kinda sounds, oh, I don't know...illegal.

ok, that's enough, hopefully it'll work out for me.

here's my garden plot at fenway victory contains mostly perennials, some herbs, and few flowering shrubs. Oh, and I stuck some potato plants in there this year. first go at growing potato plants. pretty easy so far.

This is the Sterling plant. not quite as vigorous as the Fuggle, but still growing tons. According to Freshops, this is the Sterling desciption:
Saaz Hybrid, suitable for replacing Saaz hops in brewery blends. Much higher yield potential than Saaz hops. aroma and oil composition very similar to Saaz. Alpha Acid 6-9% . Very good yield

Closeup of the Fuggle bines/leaves (click on it!).

...and the base of the Fuggles. I need to get a support structure set up in the plot yesterday.
Here's the description:
Originally developed in the UK in both Kent and Sussex counties. Traditional aroma hop, mild and spicy aroma, alpha 4.0-5.5%.

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