Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frozen Yeast Banking: Fail

Attempt at reanimation of ~6month old witbier yeast...failed.
Tried 2 vials, second was added after first showed no signs of activity ~36hours, both had ~20mls of slurry.
No activity in ~72 hours, just stinky oxidized yeast slurry/wort.

Maybe wyeast 3944 is particularly frost sensitive... Maybe there were the purported killing thaw/freeze cycles...I'll try again w/ the 1056 samples, to see if those guys are still viable.

The differences between the sucess w/ the 1056 and failed 3944 (in order of perceived/wild guess of impact)
  • Duration of freeze before reanimation attempt
  • Strains
  • Volume of slurry in 50ml vial.
  • Generations

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