Monday, February 2, 2009

Beer Advocate-BIF

I'm participating in a BIF (beer it forward) on beeradvocate. thanks to Mike for administrating.
I'm shipping off three of my homebrews this week along with two locals.
Homebrews, that was an easy decision, as I only have three that are 1. really 'of age' 2. of the quality that I would be happy to receive from afar and 3. have more than just a couple left.

They are:
Belgian Black

The two locals are going to be the hard part. There are really so many breweries in the Boston area. I've tried to distill in my head what will make the appropriate statement of what I deem to be a great beer indicative of the 'local' brewing scene, beers for which I have some weird feeling of local pride, and what some otherwise unknown fellow BA would appreciate/enjoy. Can't seem to seperate the first from the second from the third, as these three things are all I have to go on.
well, that, and the beeradvocate ratings. so, lets consult the choices:

I just decided, I don't wanna get too cerebral about it.
cause I'd be here all night, and I'm hungry.
so, its going to be...Jack d'or and the Mayflower Porter.
It was an impossible enough of a decision to even just pick these five out from all the great local beers. that, and its time for dinner.

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