Monday, February 23, 2009

O Rings, Corny Kegs and you

McMaster Carr is the most inexpensive source of bulk replacement o-rings for your corny kegs...homebrew shops (most) will set a set of these to you for $5-7, so it probably makes sense just to get them in bulk.

(1) Dip Tube O-Rings5/16" ID x 1/2"OD x 3/32" width
9452K172 BunaN #109
Pkg 100/$1.89

(2) Post O-Rings7/16" ID x 5/8" OD x 3/32" width
9452K23 BunaN #111
Pkg 100/$2.15

(3) Lid O-Rings3 1/2" ID x 4" OD x 1/4" width
9452K218 BunaN #417
Pkg 10/$12.31

total cost, shipped was 33.66, with $5.00 shipping.

or, here's a cheap source for O ring sets ($2.50) and poppet valves, and, well... pretty much anything corny keg related:


  1. Quad-Ring Seals are vulcanized as a continuous ring. Their dimensions are specified with the inside diameter "d1" and the cross-section "W." Quad rings are supplied to the American Standard AS-568A and are completely interchangeable with O-rings in these sizes.


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