Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bring it back with you

When we went to Napa, we had some bottles shipped back to us. They shipped several hundred dollars worth of wine in a cardboard box that contained some expanded cardboard shippers. Simple, effective.
...and perfect for bringing beer back with me in my suitcase when I'm travelling.

Here's a pic of a haul from my trip in late 2008 to Arizona. I went to Magnum's and saw a bottle of Alesmith Numbskull. Nice. There was also a vacancy where I would expect the Speedway Stout. I sulked. I asked the salesperson if they had any in the back "I don't know...let me check."

"...ah, yeah, here you go." She handed me a bottle. The clouds lifted.
"Do you have any more?" "Yeah, I think we have maybe twelve, how many would you like"

I restrained myself from saying "Twelve....doy!", and just said "oh, great, yeah, I'll take a couple more".
"We also just got Sam Adams Chocolate Bock in."
Also snagged a Black Butte XX from AJ's!

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