Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stonginton Pale Ale: First Tasting

At last, the final test bottle of the wedding beers has been cracked, and the good news is downright tasty. The Stonington Pale Ale is my first stab at the APA style, but I gotta say, it is right on the mark. The beautiful orange color, a bit hazy from the hops. Nice sticky creamy head, stands about two inches, and clings to the glass. Grapefruit/tangerine on the nose and taste, with just a touch of pine/resin, and a clean crisp mouthfeel. Very dry, just a little sweetness, but this beer won't leave you feeling'll want another one. The clean bitterness comes in at the end, snapping the palate shut. I was concerned about the Zeus adding a harshness, but my fears have been quelled. I project the maltiness may come out a bit more in the next few weeks of conditioning in the temp controlled bedroom, but the hops are just where I want 'em.

A few seconds after the swallow, you find yourself wanting that next mouthfull. This ale is just south of an IPA, in the west coast style in the bitterness and abv department, it should be quite the hit with the beer fans at the wedding.


I also stuck on the labels that arrived from while I was in Europe two weeks ago. Very happy with them, terrific print job, and the waterproof ink and adhesive will stand up to the ice bath these beers will be subjected to at the wedding. Here's a little shot of the newly branded bottles standing proudly on their matching Stonington Pale Ale wood beer case.

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