Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wood beer cases: Image transfer, bumble+pot&kettle

Some pictures from today
J and I found that we needed to dip the bottlecap a couple times, so the teeth didn't show through the wax too prominently. The wax seemed to coat much much thinner, requiring three dips vs two, when it was fresh out of the microwave (hot) vs. cooled a bit to room temp.


  1. what are you using for the labels? they look really nice, I might like to get ahold of these

  2. thanks...they really did meet my expectations. Great color saturation, clearly professional printed.

    I chose waterproof polyester labels, as the beers will be submerged in ice water for the wedding. I can tell that the adhesive is very strong, will stand up to the ice bath. The polyester material will come off in one piece (no tearing, pilling, etc.). Not sure if the adhesive will leave any residue on the bottle, but I'm sure goo gone would make quick work of it. You could order the blank labels yourself and print at home/work, but for the wedding...

    They'll send you blank samples and printed samples before you order, just ask.

    as a standard, printed these w/ high quality, 4 color, full bleed. I chose standard size labels, as the custom cut labels would entail a $250 one time set up fee.

    Customer service was great help, putting together quotes and details about the options and process for me, which I preferred to do over email.

    for more details:

  3. As always, JC, excellent and professional stuff. Interesting about wax-dipping the stout bottles though, never thought of that. No issues with opening, or wax ending up in the beer?

  4. Thanks Gaz.
    I'll suggest the bartendeers simply slide their wine keys up the side to release the majority of the wax, and then pop off the top as usual. Bottling wax generally doesn't crumble, so not really running the risk of getting in to the beer.

    Waxing bottle tops like this is generally reserved for finishing special releases of beers (and hot sauces, bourbon, etc.)

    Check out:

    And is common practice for those who wish to cellar their beers for an extended period time. Those who use this technique believe it will help stall corrosion of the bottle cap, which, if it got bad enough, would obviously ruin the beer inside.

  5. I am just checking out some of the original ways people are using Sheet Labels. For sure they worked for you, resulting in an excellent, very professional looking product. And isn't goo gone an excellent thing too, how does that work?
    But back to the labels for sure a consideration in regards to being water proof nothing more nasty than bits of label peeling off and floating around in the ice water while your guests are holding a beer with only part of a label. That would really be an embarrassing end to another wise terrifically well mastered beer.
    Good information on the waxing process as I was also not aware of that.
    Terrific blog. Well done and totally enjoyed.


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