Sunday, July 12, 2009

pot&kettle oatmeal stout, tasting

Poured the sample bottle of pot&kettle tonight, just as I finished up capping the 2nd 5 gallons of it.

So, yeah, I had to bottle the 1st half, in order to get it out of the non-airlocked fermentor, and put the 2nd half in to a 5 gallon carboy, while I wrangled up enough 22 oz bottles (a total of 54) without any paint (ala stone or rogue) to finish the job. Thanks to Brendan, Kevin, Jason, Esther, Renee and Javi for their efforts. Difficult work, indeed.

I'm happy to report excellent success on the 2nd of the wedding beers as well. Though still a bit 'green', this beer is already quite enjoyable in its roasty smoothness that defines the oatmeal stout style. Pulled the 6oz bottle from the fridge and set on the counter to come up from the chilly temps. Adequate but not prickly carbonation. Pours what appears to be a viscous deep black color, darkest of ruby highlights toward the edges with minimal head (for now...more will develop with time *hope, hope*). Dark french roast coffee and almost a silky, smoky taste and moutfeel is deeply satisfying, even if it is mid-July. Reminisce of a great espresso, with just a bit of turbinado sugar to cut the acid and acridity. The finish is actually pretty clean, and good attenuation was clearly achieved by the Nottingham yeast.

I'm glad we've got another month-plus to go to let this one mature a bit more, to continue to develop and round out any remaining rough edges.

Now, for the glamour shots (click on 'em):

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