Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wood beer cases: Production update

My pop and uncle kicked production of the wooden beer cases in to high gear yesterday.

They are slated to make:
5- Standard beer case size: 24-12oz (Stonington Pale Ale)
4- Bomber size: 12-22oz (pot & kettle)
4- Champagne size: 12-750ml (Bumble)

I decided that I was going to have to bite the bullet and bottle the Stonington Pale Ale in 12oz bottles vs. 22's. I just won't be able to get enough 22's to meet the 50+ bottle quota in time for the projected bottling timeline.

They've cranked out the 5 standard size cases, and have cut all the pieces for the bomber cases. Couple changes from the prototype:
1. They tweaked the dimension from the plans we found on the net (the inside of the box was too large)
2. They switched from screws to 'grip' nails (not sure what the correct term is, these nails have teeth that prevent them from sliding out).
3. They are using rough hewn wood vs. planed/sanded wood, for a less machined, more rustic/hand finished look. Plus, its less work for them, so it works out great for all of us.

Here are a couple pics of the stacked standard cases:

...and a couple shots of the first bomber case:

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