Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beer cases

Earlier this week, my pop and Uncle Rich put together the prototype of a wooden beer case. The idea is to have family-made, handcrafted cases to really add another great level/complete the presentation of the wedding beers.

The wood to be used for these cases are made from wide solid white pine planks, milled from trees that were cut down on Rich's property. I do hope we can display these in such a way to proudly show their much-appreciated contribution. This is really what our day is all about for us... a generous and thoughtful addition, that, taken together, makes the day that much more uniquely about us and the people that we love. Things like this mean so much to the both of us. A 'detail' that can't be bought in a store, things that people rarely have the time or energy for in these yeah, we have 927 channels, but still nothin' good on TV days.

The cases are made from 3/4 inch solid white pine, and has a recessed bottom and four corner brackets that will allow the cases to be very securely stacked. Hand sized holes have been cut and smoothly sanded into the sides, and we plan to finish these with a burned-in (soon to be finished) logo and a good rub down with tung oil, to preserve and protect the wood, but also to highlight the natural beauty by adding richness and depth. Over time, a light patina will develop, somewhat like the old Brooklyn Edelbrew breweriana beer case from my Pepere that's occupied my living room for the past 8+ years.

Anyway, I proudly leave you with my pop (on the right) and my uncle, at the Sticks and Stones workshop.

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