Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saltwater Farm, spring tasting

Esther and I made the trip down to Stonington, CT yet again yesterday afternoon as we were attending a private tasting at Saltwater Farm Vineyard. Every time we return, we reaffirm the reason why we married there; it is a place of simple beauty, filled with the quiet wonders of the natural world and the warm hearts that are attracted to the place. It is a place we will be able to visit often and experience the freedom of leaving behind much of the distracting noise that can come with business of life, slow down the pace a bit, and focus on our own quiet, natural wonders.

Since the fall harvest at the vineyard, I have made continual, albeit slow progress. Working to assemble some film that I shot of that day, teaching myself the software, the process, all the while hoping that that (today's interpretation of an) austere timelessness of the harvest would translate to the finished piece. Throughout the process, it let me return to that place, over and over again, those moments which inspire me...which inspires us, not only to create something for today, but with a hopeful eye toward what will be built in the future together.

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