Sunday, March 28, 2010


I really like beer people.
I find that they (we?) are generally a more thoughtful, giving bunch of people.

Eric Surface of Mt. Tabor Brewing (or here) shot some pics of some spring blooms that he happened to have transplanted in to his wife's parent's garden in Oregon.

uh, right...soooo, that's cool.

Why send pictures of some flowers over to some dude you've never met, save for a couple emails and a shared interest in beer?

Well, they are trillium flowers, or Trillium grandiflorum for the horiculturally inclined, and that clearly has stuck in his head as something that I might be interested in.

He was right. Very right.

After a long trip on over to Europe for yet another trip away from home, I return to my land-less, concrete surrounded condo.

And, before I left, the skies here in Boston were just ekeing out some reprieve from late winter cold and rain that plagues us for far too long in to the new year. We had a few transient days in the 60s and 70s, and green life was ready to start anew.

Then the vapor sank again, down in to the 30s, juuust in time for me to wait outside at a the blustery Logan for the shuttle to then take me to the overflow parking lot that I often dread using as I drive to the airport through the Callahan tunnel.

I finally arrive home, booted up the computer, logged in to email, and I see some fantastically alive pictures of my brewery's namesake from Eric.

so, thank you, Eric. This helped alot, and I can patiently wait a few more weeks for spring ...and Trillium Brewing truly arrive.

yep, I really like beer people.

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  1. It's the little gestures in life that make all the difference!


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