Thursday, April 29, 2010

Modern Homebrew + French Oak TV: Brewing with Extract

And here's the followup segment to the shopping trip at Modern.

I go through an intro/extract homebrew segment on the BATV show 'French Oak TV'. Hopefully it helps to show how easy it is to make great craft beer at home, and inspires some aspiring brewers to take the leap and pay a visit to Modern Homebrew Emporium in Cambridge. If you see Randy there, tell him French Oak sent you!

As its been quite a while since I've brewed with extract, I'm very much looking forward to trying the hefe with Ray, the show's producer. It really is a great way to start out, and an extract brewday is great timesaver (~2.5hrs vs. all grain ~6hrs). Various styles really lend themselves to extract (stouts, ESB, the various wheat beers), so either drop me a message or a quick chat at the homebrew shop will be sure to put you on your way to making your first batch of craft beer, right in your own kitchen.

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