Monday, September 20, 2010

les mauvais outils

'Use the right tool for the job', my pop would say to me as a young lad, whenever I'd stubbornly use a comicly undersized implement for the task at hand, be it a paring knife to chop onions or a hand trowel to dig a hole in the garden. I'd scrape and scratch away, until I heeded his advice and finally make the long walk back to the garage to fetch the right tool.

Not much impresses my dad, but if its one thing my dad's eyes go wide on, its properly apportioned gear that can do a job better (best) it his Kubota tractor or the (excessive) SD-RAM chipset in the laptop.

After the recent attempt at a big red DIPA, I look at my hand trowel of a brewing set up, and yearn for my Kubota rig.

OK. Id settle for a mantis at this point.

I stuffed the heaving grist in to the 10 gallon cooler and mashed in with a way too low water to grist ratio, even holding back the crystal for capping the mash, after a little tun capacity was realized from settling the grain bed through recirculation.
4 oz of black malt was set aside for complete and dusty pulverization in the bladed decaf coffee grinder, aka the paring knife of the coffee grinders in our kitchen. We only hit proper coffee with a burr grinder. This very small amount of black malt will help to lend a deep red hue. The oxidation protection qualities of the highly kilned grain is a nice side effect. Maybe only the very faintest of roast flavor will appear (and probably only because you'd look for it when you know its there).

Being a double IPA, there are mounds and mounds of hops (Chinook, Centennial, Citra, Amarillo) pressed in to service, with the majority held back for later boil and dry additions. A late addition of ~10% sugar to dry out the beer, while still pulling max IBUs, customary to DIPAs.
The now customary painful run-off takes 2 hours, including two grain bed resetting blows of air back through the run off tube to clear the stuck mash.
1 hour to cool the 10.5 gallons of wort to close to pitching temps. Another hour to strain out the hops from the wort and clean up. Wort still at 72F. Left in front of the A/C unit to chill down to pitching temps. To bed at 1:30AM on a school night. Reached 67F by 6:30AM the following day, yeast pitched. Fermentation started in ~6 hours, and active fermentation between 63-65F. Krausen fell in 3.5days, conditioning at 70F now.

I need some new stuff, because what I have are clearly les mauvais outils (the wrong tools).

9AM, 26Sep2010: Added gelatin to both vessels.
Nose of deep and complex american hops...missing the fresh/resinous tones only achieved w/ dry hopping.
Muted British yeast esters, carried by soft alcohols.

6PM, 26Sep2010: 4oz of dry hops in each vessel: 1 oz each of Chinook, Centennial, Citra, Amarillo, whole hops.

Imperial Red IPA
Imperial IPA

Type: All Grain

Date: 9/12/2010

Batch Size: 10.00 gal

Brewer: JC
Boil Size: 11.74 gal Asst Brewer:
Boil Time: 75 min Equipment: My Equipment
Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00
Taste Notes:


Amount Item Type % or IBU
28 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 76.19 %
3 lbs 8.0 oz Wheat Malt, Bel (2.0 SRM) Grain 9.52 %
2 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain 5.44 %
8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 75L (75.0 SRM) Grain 1.36 %
8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L (120.0 SRM) Grain 1.36 %
4.0 oz Black (Patent) Malt (500.0 SRM) Grain 0.68 %
2.00 oz Citra [12.00 %] (75 min) Hops 32.2 IBU
2.00 oz

Amarillo Gold [8.50 %]
(Dry Hop 7 days)
4.00 oz Chinook [12.40 %] (60 min) Hops 63.6 IBU
1.00 oz Citra [12.00 %] (20 min) Hops 9.3 IBU
1.00 oz Amarillo Gold [8.50 %] (20 min) Hops 6.6 IBU
1.00 oz Centennial [10.00 %] (20 min) Hops 7.8 IBU
1.00 oz Chinook [12.40 %] (20 min) Hops 9.6 IBU
1.00 oz Amarillo Gold [8.50 %] (0 min) Hops -
1.00 oz Centennial [10.00 %] (0 min) Hops -
1.00 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (0 min) Hops -
1.00 oz Citra [12.00 %] (0 min) Hops -
2 lbs Sugar, Table (Sucrose) (1.0 SRM) Sugar 5.44 %
1 Pkgs Dry English Ale (White Labs #WLP007) Yeast-Ale

Beer Profile

Est Original Gravity: 1.097 SG

Measured Original Gravity: 1.010 SG
Est Final Gravity: 1.023 SG Measured Final Gravity: 1.005 SG
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 9.78 % Actual Alcohol by Vol: 0.65 %
Bitterness: 129.1 IBU Calories: 43 cal/pint
Est Color: 17.7 SRM Color:

Mash Profile

Mash Name: Single Infusion, Light Body Total Grain Weight: 34.75 lb
Sparge Water: 8.41 gal Grain Temperature: 72.0 F
Sparge Temperature: 168.0 F TunTemperature: 72.0 F
Adjust Temp for Equipment: FALSE Mash PH: 5.4 PH

Single Infusion, Light Body
Step Time Name Description Step Temp
90 min Mash In Add 30.00 qt of water at 160.4 F 145.0 F

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