Sunday, September 5, 2010

Luc brews (part 2)

Somewhere within my new dad sleep deprived brain and body, I managed the gusto to run through the paces of this double batch, double brew day with relative ease.

Even with a way too small wort chiller (25ft copper immersion), no pump, an underpowered (for brewing) electric range and splitting the wort to two vessels for the boil, I was able to crank out 20+ gallons of some longer term projects, that will further mature my house blend of bugs.

Soon enough, these brew days will start with the reference of 'oh man, remember when ...'

Of course, the second part of the marathon double brew day started before the last one ended. I felt at the same time inefficient from my undersized brewing gear and the joys that come from the orchestral coordination that back to back brewing requires. I was feeling great about recycling both heat energy and water from the wort chiller waste water. But there was the nagging 'your brew set up is could be playing with your son right now instead."

I measured and milled the grain bill for the 2nd batch while the 1st was coming to a boil. Racked a big beer to secondary to free up a fermenter and ran down to the storage space to fetch another.

While I'm whipping around the place, the saved bug blend slurry on the counter is gurgling back to activity from its chilled slumber as it warms to room temperature. CO2 is regularly rising from under the depths, loosening chunks of slurry and carrying them to the surface, almost indicating that the word is out...the rowdy melee is about to ensure. The lot of them somehow know its going to be feedin' time again soon. I grabbed a sniff of the from the under the bubbling lid of the loosend mason jar and I get hit with the Jolly Pumpkin and Brett C nose.
The grain for the 2nd batch is laying waiting in the nearly overflowing bottling bucket waiting for a very warm, intended to favor the B amylase enzymes. Lots of nearly neon green Saphir hop pellets have been measured out, ready to lend their gentle bitterness to this beer, which is intended to be split 3 ways (unadorned, and 2 yet to be determined fruits).

The luscious malt and gentle hop aromas fill the apartment, even as the boiling kettles do battle with the AC units. I wrap everything up by 7:30PM to a 'what can we reheat from the freezer and throw some fresh vegetables in it to have some semblance of nutrition' dinner. I promise , as I crash to the couch with Luc and the smiling wife, the lot of us feeling exhausted yet still quite fulfilled, that I'll bring down the brewing equipment to storage tomorrow morning before work.

Strong Golden Sour Base
Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Type: All Grain

Date: 8/22/2010

Batch Size: 10.00 gal

Brewer: JC, Jason, Luc
Boil Size: 13.45 gal Asst Brewer:
Boil Time: 90 min Equipment: My Equipment
Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00
Taste Notes:


Amount Item Type % or IBU
20 lbs 8.0 oz Pilsner (2 Row) Bel (2.0 SRM) Grain 61.19 %
3 lbs 8.0 oz Wheat Malt, Bel (2.0 SRM) Grain 10.45 %
3 lbs Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 8.96 %
1 lbs 8.0 oz Barley, Flaked (1.7 SRM) Grain 4.48 %
1 lbs Oats, Flaked (1.0 SRM) Grain 2.99 %
6.00 oz Saphir [3.70 %] (90 min) Hops 29.7 IBU
4 lbs Cane (Beet) Sugar (0.0 SRM) Sugar 11.94 %

Beer Profile

Est Original Gravity: 1.098 SG

Measured Original Gravity: 1.096 SG
Est Final Gravity: 1.025 SG Measured Final Gravity: 1.010 SG
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 9.61 % Actual Alcohol by Vol: 11.29 %
Bitterness: 29.7 IBU Calories: 441 cal/pint
Est Color: 5.0 SRM Color:

Mash Profile

Mash Name: Single Infusion, Full Body Total Grain Weight: 29.50 lb
Sparge Water: 2.08 gal Grain Temperature: 72.0 F
Sparge Temperature: 168.0 F TunTemperature: 72.0 F
Adjust Temp for Equipment: FALSE Mash PH: 5.4 PH

Single Infusion, Full Body
Step Time Name Description Step Temp
45 min Mash In Add 36.88 qt of water at 170.5 F 158.0 F
10 min Mash Out Add 14.75 qt of water at 196.6 F 168.0 F

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