Friday, April 10, 2009


A friend of mine at work, who knows of my great interest in homebrewing has procured some fantastic corning glass ported chemical reactors for use as fermentation vessels.

The reactors have reached retirement by way of chipped glass (minimal) ports and insufficiently repaired broken ports (seam is too weak to hold heavy apparatus). The smaller of the two is ~25L (6.4 gal), the larger is was a 50L (12.8 gal). In their prior life, they were used to create various peptides for use in the (human) medical device no worries about biocompatibility (or use for homebrewing.)

As you can see, there are several features of these reactors:
  • volume gradations on the sides
  • indentations/grooves on the sides that make handling that much easier
  • flat bottoms (some reactors are round bottomed)
  • heat resistant laboratory-grade glass...though I'd be VERY hesitant to put these babies over a direct flame. or even an indirect flame, for that matter.
  • two small side ports, which accomodate my universal stoppers (these also have an indication on the tops, heat resistant to 140C (284F)...which makes them OK for boil sanitizing)
  • one large central port, would make dry hopping that much easier
  • included are two side port screw caps and one central port screw cap
  • ***they are still made of glass, and if or when you drop 50L pyrex, they break.

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