Monday, April 6, 2009

Farmer JC

wellsir, I just put in the order for some two row barley, spring wheat and oat seed from Johnny's Seeds.

I will plant these at my garden plot. Alongside my hop rhizomes. So, beer has infiltrated yet another aspect of my life.
I do wonder if I'm paying through the nose for these seeds, but they are organic (rolling eyes). I have no idea what kind of yield I'll get, if any. But if nothing else, this small scale effort will give me some useful experience for the future (or lack of) larger scale growing of some of my own for true 'homebrews'. If I do get some viable yield from this, all I'll have to do is learn how to properly home-malt and home-kiln, which I'm sure is completely impractical and will yield a vastly inferior product vs. commercially available stuff.

Barley (Conlon) (OG)Item No. 989G
5 Pounds
Kame Oats (OG)Item No. 293G
1 Pound
Glenn Spring Wheat (OG)Item No. 292G
1 Pound


  1. So how did the experiment go? We are currently looking for barley seeds without much luck - Johnny's is our currently only choice - and think we will put in the better part of an acre.

  2. The experiment has yet to begin, due to my metropolitan limitations; I can't grow barley in my aerogrow 'garden'!

    ...and I've had to hand over my little fenway plot to its lucky incumbent:

    BUT, there is a barley home-grower in Virginia that I've messaged with a few times, and who I convinced to start a blog about his experiences. Be sure to check that out here:

    There was also an article on home grown stuff in the latest BYO magazine (May-June2010):


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