Monday, April 27, 2009

trillium brewing hops field

Well, its not really a 'field' so much as it is a hops postage stamp. I've had my fenway garden plot for 7 or so years. Its my landscaping methadone...takes just enough of the edge off my wanton need to grow all things perennial, annual, vegetable, shrub, tree or vine. Its my 24'x16' caged in spot of fertile soil. Just barely holds out the male prostitutes and the drug addicts. Well, about 97% of the time it holds them out. But I suppose my garden is so just darn pretty that...
Oh, I'm getting off track. what was I writing about...umm...right..HOPS!

This AM, Esther and I planted the four rhizomes (Mt. Hood, Cascade, Centennial, Zeus) that I had started in pots about 3 weeks ago. The two from the prior season (Fuggle and Sterling) are showing signs of terrific vigor, both already have bines that are reaching for something to grab on to. Maybe have grown 2 feet in length. Not bad considering I didn't get them in the ground til mid-May, and no visible shoots til early June. The soil in my garden plot has deep and rich soil. No need for any amendment. Loaded with earthworms and life. Best soil I've ever put my hands in to. But this is a brewing blog...
I'll snap a few hops photo the next time I'm there. The Sterling looks quite a bit smaller, which reflects what I saw in its growth last year. The Fuggle was notably larger in its first year, and will certainly need to have some bines culled, and I'll have to establish some sort of semi-horizontal, semi-vertical trellising for them (there are height restrictions in the gardens).

Here are some shots of the baby hops prior to planting:


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