Thursday, December 10, 2009

elemental sneak peek

Made some major leaps tonight...given that there really wasn't much beery stuff for me to do. Since:
  1. every last ounce of fermentation capacity is currently occupied
  2. I spent last night celebrating my good buddy's birthday at Lord Hobo, both pregaming and postgaming with some SPA and Leon
  3. the lady friend has been away from home at a training for her new job
I wiggled my way back through 128/Rte. 2/Storrow Drive/BU/Brookline traffic, grabbed a burrito from Boca Grande, and hunkered down for the eve at home. Definitely strung together way too many hours sitting in front of the computer tonight, but I've now effectively force fed myself the (only the most basic of) elements of... premiere elements.

So, all of that sneek peek posting from a while back will eventually come to cinematic fruition. It was actually kinda in doubt for a while there...this adobe software was kickin' my butt.

I'm certain that I've got many more hours ahead of me on this, but I think I'll be quite proud of my efforts at the end of the day. I'm not going to go so far as to fully describe what I've got planned here, but there is, in fact, a plan.

And yes, it does involve beer.

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