Monday, December 7, 2009

LEON label, 2.0

Getting closer...I stayed truer to the layout that Kevin and I created for the pot & kettle.

Still needs a background, like I mentioned before. Still too much negative space, leon needs some dimension, he's just sort of floating out there. Maybe the impression of depth using a washed out, weathered looking wide wooden plank wall, like you might see in a barn. Or maybe just some ground for Leon to stand on, a bit of mud perhaps. Still need to play with the the colors a bit more, as it needs a little more life, but staying in those soothing earthiness tones. I wanted to add a hop cone or cones in there somewhere...this is a DIPA after all.

Changed the font for Leon, too...sort of similar to goose island's Belgian style ales series, like their Juliet. The one I have for now is just...umm, a whole lot more generic.

Did a little better in word, and now I'm able to get a bigger picture...try clicking on it too, for a closer look. Still working on the left panel 'blurb', what's there now is just a may notice the duplicitous use of the phrase 'pig out'. I don't even really want to use it in there, actually.

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