Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hops growth update: Cell phone picture

First, for reference, here's a picture from 27May2009, just after I set up the trellis

And here's the picture from yesterday (26June2009), snapped by Esther on her cell phone.

Unreal. So, yeah, 10 feet isn't even close to be being tall enough. Its not even really mid-summer yet and the bines are about 4ft longer than the top of the trellis. The sterling is a bit behind the fuggles, for sure, but that reflects what I saw last year. Still no flowers on the Sterling, but there's still plenty of time. Either way, I'm not too concerned, as I really am just interested in continuing to build a healthy root system for many years of hops to come.

But the Fuggles...big thick, almost spikey bines: they are absolutely loaded with flowering spurs, and there are even a handful of few small near mature flowers:

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