Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding Beers: Belgian Honey Wit - FirstTasting

Cracked the 6 oz. sample bottle of the Belgian Honey Wit last night.

I usually will save the dregs from the bottling bucket and fill up a 6 oz. old fashioned clear coke bottle. This last bit from the bucket always has a ton of sediment in it, that would otherwise just go down the drain. This small taste + clear glass can provide the early glimpse to satisfy the curiosity of how the batch turned out (taste, mouthfeel, carbonation levels, clarity/turbity, color, yeast sedimentation, etc.) , without needing to 'waste' a whole bottle. I cracked the test bottle after it spend 5 days in the fridge. I was prepping dinner for Esther and Jen, so you'll see some fresh garlic scapes and monkfish (I think monkfish will be our fish selection for the wedding) in the foreground.

Well, in this case, this 6 oz taste left me wanting...more. Poured in to the Hennepin glass I acquired in my trip to Ommegang this past spring. The orange zest and coriander are hiding in the aroma and flavor. The frothy tight head (which will likely only improve with a bit of aging) paired with the glowing hazy orange color is quite nice. Aside from the appearnace, its actually very reminscent of Allagash White. Subtle spicing, earthy/phenolic Belgian wit yeast, and wheaty/smooth mouthfeel. Honey dries the body out, but really adds another level of raw honey wildflower spice. Satisfying and thirst quenching. Will the 10 gallon batch last the night?

I have my doubts...maybe I should make more?

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