Monday, June 29, 2009

Wall 'o beer bottles

Snapped this at a tex-mex place outside of Dallas, TX during a business trip down there last week. Food was OK, the beer selection was what was to be expected. Shiner Bock, bud, bud light, etc. and the mexican standards: Corona, Modelo Negra, Sol, etc.

So, why am I posting about this. Well, in the front foyer, there was an 'art installation' of stacked backlit beer bottles.
standard 12oz beer bottles. Which got my beer brain working...

By my count:

44 across x
44 high =
1,936 x 12 oz. =
23,232 oz. / 128 =
181.5 gallons


1,936 x .05 cents per bottle (MA deposit) =


1,936/24 per case=
80.67 cases x $12.95 (for new bottles from homebrew shop, excluding shipping) =

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