Monday, June 22, 2009

Nanobrewery List

I call Uncle.

Ok guys, I can't keep up!

There are so many nano's spring in and out of existence, I'll leave it to the others to perform the maintenance. That's not to say I've become less interested...its just a testament to the fact that I've got my own operation occupying my limited daily hours, and others have done a bang up job. no need to duplicate the effort (there are certainly a whole bunch of sites aiming to do so, like this one, and more definitively, this one.)

But, in order to provide at least a little meat to my bowing out of the game update to this post, here are few nuggets for you, if you haven't come across them already.

A blog post from one of the models of nano-sucess, Lawson's Finest.
Here's a well written article on the subject over at top fermented (soon to be mystery brewing company. Yeah!)
Another recent blogpost on the topic from the fella at 'the new school',
and probably the best maintained list on the 'net these days is still Hess.

...and keep checking in here at the blog and for our own effort.

Cheers, JC


25Feb2010 update:
Here is an January 2010 write-up/pontification of the nanobrewery concept on a blog called topfermented, replete with followup comments from many involved/interested in it.

Also, I've learned about a beer festival in Oregon that features (exclusively) 11 nanobreweries Friday-Sunday this weekend (February 26-28). Some participating breweries wouldn't qualify for my definition of nano, but then again, I sorta just made it up (under 3bbl systems, and non-brewpub) so that's not entirely their fault. They probably just haven't checked in on my blog yet.
It is their first, but if this ultra small brewery trend continues, I suspect we will see more and more of these pop up around the States, and possibly world-wide. I'll be sure to update my list, to purge those who seem to be inactive since I original assembled this, as well as add new ones (quite a few to add to Oregon, given this new festival).

...and keep your suggestions coming.

I'm starting this post to keep track of some nanobreweries (ie. generally speaking, 3bbl and under non brewpub commercially operating breweries) to watch their progress over time, to better understand their path to commercialization as well as gleen info for my own (potential) setup in the future.

If you know of a notable brewery that you think should be included in my list, please drop me a line.

Chapell Brewery
Scott chronicled his nanobrewery build out on HomeBrewTalk forum HERE, and doesn't have a website up yet, but he shared the following with me:
"My Nano is called "Chappell Brewery". I don't have a website because I'm only selling local and until business warrants it, I'm keeping costs down as much as possible. Right now I only sell taster trays and bottles. The local businesses that have showed an interest in my beer also just want bottles. I do it all. I make my own labels, brew the beer, bottle it, cap it and label it. Someday I'll upgrade to a bottling machine but, again, I'm keeping the overhead as low as possible.
Thanks again for the interest.

Enegren Brewing Company

Healdsburg Brewing Company

Interview with

Hess Brewing Company


Great Crescent Brewery


Worth Brewing Company


Element Brewing Company

Lefty's Brewing Company

From the Facebook pictures, it looks like they're brewing on a 1bbl system, using Blichmann kettles, propane turkey frier burners and March pumps.

New Hampshire

Manchester Brewing

White Birch Brewing

New York
Barrier Brewing Company

Blind Bat Brewery


Breaker Brewing Company



Beetje Brewing
Mt. Tabor Brewing
The guys who shot over some trillium pictures.

BrewPublic's visit to Mt. Tabor:

Upright Brewing

Vertigo Brewing

BrewPublic's visit to Vertigo:


Epic Ales


  1. Hey, thanks for putting Hess Brewing Co. on the list.

  2. Mexico
    Backstreet Restaurant and Brewing Company
    Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, MX

  3. Great Crescent Brewing Company in Aurora, IN is currently 3bbl I think but will be expanding next year.

  4. A couple more for Oregon:
    * Beetje Brewery -

    * Mt Tabor Brewing -

    * Vertigo Brewing -


    I haven't tried it, but the website is good.


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